The BlueHearts are back in the studio writing and recording their fourth studio album.

Swing DeVille - the latest information is here.

Shauna Parker and the Saloon Bar Band gigs are all listed on the band's web page.
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Swing DeVille
Shauna Parker and the Saloon Bar Band
The Guitar, Amp and Keyboard Centre
  1. Get into the habit of devoting 10-30 mins every day to guitar practice
  2. Organise your practice into sections, for example rhythm strumming, chord changing, new songs, music reading, scales and improvisation.
  3. Spend time tuning your guitar before playing it.  Gently stretch the strings in, especially new ones.
  4. When learning anything new, play it very slowly making sure that each note has the best tone that you can give it and every chord is clear.
  5. Push yourself with new challenges.
  6. Learn to listen to all the instruments playing in a piece of music, not just the guitar.  Try and get an appreciation of how the musicians are working together.
  7. Find another guitarist at a similar stage of ability as yourself or, better still, a little more advanced.  You will learn much more if you can get together regularly with another guitarist.
  8. Expand your experience by going to concerts and gigs to watch professional guitarists.
  9. Don't be afraid to ask questions.  Musicians are usually happy to pass on their knowledge and experience.
  10. Make playing the guitar a part of your life and never ever give up.
I can replace your tired strings.  A new set of strings, professionally fitted and tuned, will breath new life into any guitar giving it a much brighter and pleasant sound.  Call me on 07850 100091 or email.
Page 1, rule 1, get your guitar in tune.  Buy yourself an electronic tuner - they are cheap and accurate.  If a string is flat  (producing a note lower than required) use the machine heads / tuning keys to raise the note.  If you overshoot a bit, pull the string down.  Carefully stretch the tension out of the string by pulling it away from the guitar.  Re-check with the tuner.  If you have overshot, tune it up a bit with the tuning key again. Remember, tune up, stretch down.