Fender Stratocaster
What can I say about the best guitar in the world, apart from - IT'S MINE!  I've had this from the age of 16 and played thousands of gigs and sessions with it.

Rob Aylward Selmer / Maccaferri acoustic
An absolute beauty of a guitar, handmade by the best luthier in the country.  I play this guitar every single day.  It has a crisp balanced tone and a very responsive neck.  The more you drive it, the more it gives back.  An extraordinary guitar.

Gibson acoustic
I just love playing this one.  Got it for a song a long time ago.  Fantastic neck and lovely tone.

1973 Fender Twin Reverb, JBL custom model
Still in perfect working condition and my main recording and gig amp.  Looks a bit tatty but that just adds to its charm.  The best reverb ever and the cleanest, glassy transparent tone you could wish for.  Live, I use it clean and get my sounds on the floor.  In the studio I crank it up and stand well back!

Trace Elliot Acoustic
The perfect amp for small acoustic guitar gigs.

Effects pedals
My live set up is pretty basic:
Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer
Boss CE2 Chorus
Trace Elliot seven band graphic EQ
Other stuff
Ernie Ball Regular 10 gauge strings
Newtone Acoustic strings
Whirlwind cables
Jim Dunlop .73 and .88 picks