I have been playing guitar for over twenty years and I regularly play to audiences in Brighton and London.  Over the years I've performed in America and many European cities in a rich variety of musical styles.

I have spent a long time playing at the cutting edge of the rock music world and gained a reputation as a unique rock guitarist.  Originally from Bristol, I studied guitar with legendary guitarist Jack Toogood.  This led to my lifelong love of the music of Django Reinhardt.

I play acoustic swing jazz with my Hot Club de Paris style band Swing DeVille.  I also currently play electric and acoustic guitar with Americana / alt country band The BlueHearts.  My latest music project is Shauna Parker and the Saloon Bar Band.

I'm also a composer and producer of music for film and television with Kliktrax. This keeps me up to date with music recording technology and the publishing side of the music industry.

I have a busy schedule of live gigs and recording sessions, so check out the news page for up-to-date information on where you can see me play next.

Over the past few years I have developed a special contemporary guitar tutoring programme which is tailored for each individual student.